fergus was euthanized today

Posted: May 28, 2012 at 2:44 pm

the vet said fergie wasn’t having fun any more and he was pretty sure even tho we couldn’t see it on xray that fergus had some kind of cancer behind everything. he had lost half of his body weight since early this year and despite upping his feeding to two full cans of high energy gastro twice a day in the last couple of weeks, he still managed to lose another three pounds that he couldn’t afford to be losing.

i knew it was coming..i cried on the way in and i cried on the way home cuz for some reason i really loved that innocent and sweet dumb-dumb dog. fergie made me feel soft, every time i touched him, every cuddle we had, i could literally feel myself melting like warm wax to be soft and gentle with him..he just did that to me.
once he was gone..i knew it was right..he passed so peacefully and easy like a warm and silent sigh.

fergus came here with baggage…an owner who loved him and then passed away and a whole host of medical issues..messed up eyes, messed up ears, epilepsy and then the whole messed up bowel thing. he has had multiple bloodwork done, many med renewels, surgery and xrays….an almost constant walking medical bill..like a lot of aging bodies….his worn out parts needing lots of various tune ups.

there is one last thing that i must do…send his ashes over to england to be spread with his lady which i agreed to do…i will do this but i am having a hard time with this part. i can’t just pop fergie in the mail…it feels so wrong..what if the postal service loses him? i will have to give it some thought on how to safely and respectfully get him there.

he brought us joy every day…to me especially. he was the sweetest little dog who loved balls and toys and cuddling up next to somebody when he finally went to sleep.

i am really going to miss you fergie, i love you little funny buddy and rest well now in peace.


(sorry guys i accidently posted this before it was done..laura and tammy were distracting me.)

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  • Penny says

    So terribly sorry about Fergus, Carol. I didn’t know him well, but he certainly had a special place in your heart, which made him one very lucky dog. He isn’t suffering now, but there will be many tears shed for him.

  • Carol Ann says

    aww rest in peace Fergus you were adorable.

  • Colin says

    So sorry to hear about Fergus. You are one strong lady.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Rest in Peace beautiful Fergus. We will miss you. Carol – how truly wonderful that you will send his ashes off to be reunited with the woman who LOVED him so much. I have a similar request when I pass and I just pray that whomever the person is that deals with my final matters ensures that all my so beloved kitty’s ashes accompany mine to our final resting spot. Fergie’s human mom will be at peace with her beloved baby is reunited with her and as usual, Carol, you are the angel that makes these wishes come true.

  • janet nicholson says

    I am so sorry, Carol, you lost a dear friend today – but what a lucky boy to have been so loved by so many.

  • erin says

    aww shitty! gonna miss that little tennis ball hoarder.

  • Brenda says

    Oh Carol; I had a bad feeling when I left yesterday and Fergus wouldn’t even look at his canned food – I gave him some extra pets and cuddles , and he was so thin. He was such a sweet boy. Of course I have a soft spot for cockers anyway, having 2 of my own. Thank you for giving him so much love, and for honouring his last owner’s wishes. Such a sweet boy! Hugs to you too.

  • Caylee says

    Goodbye Fergie. Hope you’re playing with a good ball wherever you are now.

  • Helga says

    Rest in peace, Fergus. You were loved. Sorry, Carol. Take care of yourself.

  • Ann C says

    So sorry Carol he was a lovely doggy, hugs to you, sweet dreams Fergie.

  • Zoe says


  • elaine erickson says

    Oh my poor little man .I loved you and missed you so much and now you can go and be with your other Mom I am sure she has missed you too she will be waiting for you buddy she loved you to the moon and back.Thank you to all of you at saints who loved him I know it wasnt a hard thing to do I know but we so appreciate that you were able to take him when we needed somewhere he could be taken care of.I love you Fergie rest in peace baby boy

  • Naomi says

    Goodbye Fergus, so glad you had a great last year spent at SAINTS. I kinda always thought he would live forever, nothing seemed to slow him down. Fergus is what got me hooked on this blog, originally, I was just checking in to make sure he fit in okay (if i remember it correctly, that first post said he fit in like an old worn shirt or something like that). Thank you SAINTS for taking good care of yet another homeless old timer with issues, Fergus had no where else to go, his life could have ended at this time last year, but you wonderful people agreed to take him in. Rest in Peace Fergie

  • suzanne says

    Carol, try calling the airlines and see if any of them would be willing to let his ashes ride over in the cockpit. Surely one of SAINTS myriad fans either works for one of the airlines or knows someone who does. Then whoever is going to reuniite him with his Mom could meet the flight in London and take him from there.

  • Debra says

    RIP Ferguson. He was a sweet guy.
    My husband is a pilot, and flys to Hong Kong a lot . A number of London flights go thru HK . He could take them to HK and we could pass on to a pilot friend wo has a London flight.
    Let me know if interested

  • Mo says

    The world just lost another good dog..

    Sweet dreams good dog, you are missed.

  • lynne says

    so sorry carol, he was a really sweet dog. i can put his ashes in the mail if you wish. let me know and i can pick them up.

  • Barbara says

    Bye bye sweet Fergus, I will miss those soleful eyes and those lovey ears. I will miss you
    If Debra’s husband is not able to coordinate the taking of Fergus’s remains and having them layed to rest with his owner; I am planing a trip to England for next May/June; I can take Fergus’s remains to his final resting place.
    I know it is a year away, but it would be something I could do for Carol, Fergus and Fergus’s owner.
    Something to think about, it is always good to have options.

  • Good Morning Carol,

    We may have a way to get Fergie back to England for you. My dad Mark is emailing you with details today. I hope you get his message and that it doesnt end up in your spam folder. I know that happens sometimes by mistake. You may also email us back at my address kingsurvives2008@yahoo.ca
    King and The Royals

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