another day of falling behind.

Posted: August 8, 2012 at 6:26 am

is someone with hiring experience able to sort thru the resumes and short list them for call back for me? i am getting swamped with them and i am so mentally bagged because work is so busy that i haven’t been getting to them and i want to be interviiewing/trial shifting next week.
if able..don’t post here…email or call me…thx

bummer early evening..thunder was freaking out the sucked.

i have a lot of stuff waiting and piling up on me…pedigree needs the quarterly report done, vancouver foundation needs their chicken area grant report also done, and the archive folks have been trying to pin me down now for a couple of weeks for a photo and a indepth interview.

saints is unsettled and not running smoothly, work had been pretty heavy and intense lately because sometimes nursing is just like that. i could use a couple easy of no brainer days to just cheerfully go with the flow.

i never really realized that thinking, feeling and caring is actually pretty hard work.

bru went home with jenn yesterday….yay, the little bugger is happy again.

jazzy has gotten the boot out of my bedroom A…she got over stimulated the other night and went after mini me…B. i can’t stand the gawd awful mess she makes in my bedroom digging thru the food bowls with her little pointy nose and C. i just changed my bed and i don’t want her leaking all over it.
jazz says hey?! i am perky and cute as a button and i want to be in there with you!
sorry babe..i can’t do perky right now, you stay in the computer room.

shit i better get my butt into work.

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  • Barbara Ferris says

    Hello Carol:
    I will miss Esther she was a lovely sweet girl.
    That is a very lovely picture of her below; could I please use that picture in one of my SAINTS resin jewelry donations for the Wishes for Wiskers silent auction?
    Please let me know – thank you kindly, Barbara

  • lynne says

    carol if you need help in the early pm i would be happy to come you wont get this message before you get home but i am available most any day. i do have my grandchildren a few times a week but they are okay up there. mycell no is a new one and it is on your whiteboard in kitchen. call me or email me.

  • Carol says

    of course you can barb!

  • laura says

    A lady contacted me that has a leather couch in good condition to donate… we want it….if so we would need to pick it up….she lives really close to Saints.

  • Carol says

    if someone will get it, we will take it mystic has been couch chewing again.

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