let me tell you something…

Posted: August 28, 2012 at 6:28 pm

just because someone out and out lies to me or fudges around the movable details or goes so far to blur the truth so that the real reality is barely recognizable…does not mean they get away scot free.
just because i believed the warped up story you told does not make what you did ok. it just means you did something not right and then wrapped it up pretty to hide it. but sorry to tell you, the stark truth is still sitting underneath all of the painstakingly pretty wrapping.

so what is the real truth of the current homelessness of mya the dog?….cuz apparently she has been living with the ex-inlaws for the PAST TWO AND A HALF YEARS and when they did not want her any more she came with a bullshit blurred up story to here.

so here is my guess about the life of this dog..she has been an inconvenient burden passed around from pillar to post so all of her human family’s lives were easier. she has been handed around to whoever would reluctantly and temporarily take her til there was no where else left to pass her…and then her euthanization appointment was made.

wanna know what i did when my marriage split up? i took pretty close to thirty wrecked senior and special needs animals who relied solely on me and rented a shitty tin box trailer out in the middle of nowhere until i could find us all a better home.

i am so sick to death of being lied to, of feeling sorry for the untrue pain in someone’s life, of being manipulated by bullshitted up stories to do right by the animals their own families have consciously and purposely abandoned and then mxed up the truth to make it ok.

no freaking wonder this dog has separation anxiety, she has not been able to count on anyone in her family for anything except for making her homeless again and again.

shame on all of you to treat her so..she is a far better being than any of her humans…at least she truly understands the meaning of loyalty.

maybe in her next life she will be lucky enough to find a committed family who not only loves her but will do everything that they possibly can to actually keep her…maybe she will find a family that deserves her.

mya is a good, good dog.

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  • Carol Ann says

    so sad isn’t it. My Lola suffers from extreme separation anxiety also because as far as I can figure this is at least her fifth home, but it is her last. Poor sweet things.It is so unfair.

  • Jude says

    Carol, I read your blog everyday and this one tonight made me cry. I have given up on the hope for mankind. What has happened to us all? My friend found a wee 4 lb. chihuahua and worked for days to find the owner. When she did, they were furious at the dog for running away! She wishes she’d kept the poor babe.
    Where do people get off?
    Have a tub and a drink tonight.

  • erin says

    but carol, if they HADNT made up a shitty believable pathetic story, mya couldve paid the ultimate price, her life! she couldve died an inconvienent burden too, but thank fuck she didnt.

  • Penny says

    Carol, they lied to get rid of the dog, and you feel manipulated by it, but in the end, it makes you the far better person. And as Erin said, Mya now has a good, forever home and is loved. It’s probably too much to ask that these people have a conscience that might be bothering them right now.

  • AnnC says

    sorry to be off topic – sent you an e-mail Carol

  • Leila says

    Hope the “family” reads this blog tonight – probably not though.

  • Carol says

    there is no email from you tonight ann.

  • Shelley says

    Mya is beautiful. I would love to come out and take her for walks when she is allowed to go on them. It was wonderful to see her getting slathered with attention on Sunday by a lovely new volunteer. She is totally adoptable too… maybe someone who wants a loyal, beautiful, forever dog will fall for her and get to take her home! Lucky person if they do…

  • Sheila says

    Shelley that is what I thought about Mya when I met her. For a dog that has come from an unstable background wow she is pretty normal.

  • Janice says

    I was there listening to her talk to that dog in the memorial garden while waiting for you to get home. “thats my girl” bullshit being said to her when she wasn’t her girl as she was leaving her with you. It just about made me puke to sit there and hear her lying to that dog… Myra is so under herself right now , it just pisses me off every time i see her ..she is hunkered like a stray cat.

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