Need Photographs of the Following Animals

Posted: September 1, 2012 at 2:19 pm

I need photographs of the following animals for sponsorship cards:

Katie, Hymie and Squeaky. These are permanent foster cats. I know Maggie is fostering Hymie and Squeaky. Not sure who is fostering Katie.

I also need a picture of Loretta who is a chicken

I will be at SAINTS tomorrow to take pictures of Gracie, Ted and their baby if that is okay with Carol. I will bring my large lens so I don’t have to get close.

If anyone has pictures of the above cats and Loretta, please email them to

2 Comments on "Need Photographs of the Following Animals"

  • Helga says

    I am fostering Katie. There was a photo of her in the blog when she first came. I have a couple of shots of her. I’ll e-mail them to you but I don’t know how to make them digitally smaller so they will take a while to download.

  • Leila says

    Hi Helga. It is better that you email them in the original size anyway. Thanks.

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