for those who don’t read the comments…

Posted: March 6, 2013 at 7:48 am

regarding my posts. keep in mind they are intially posts in progress. except for the quickies mid day cuz something is happening. i mostly only post morning and night. that is because it is when it is quieter here with less interruptions…but there are still interruptions. so i may be up and down, still working on posts. i publish between so i don’t lose them…i have lost full or partial posts a lot. so if you want to see the finished editted is usually within an hour of the initial publish….wait to read it later than sooner cuz it very well might change.

i know at times it can be confusing, but that is why things get added or fixed after the first publish that folks might miss. but for me, trying to post in an unpredictable place with an unpredictable back space button…it works.

not much news and what there is, i fear is not good.

al spent the entire night outside in the dog house. i kept opening the door and inviting him in but he didn’t want to come in. that dog room is nice and quiet and settled with fletch off on his adventure so i know it is not about the room being too chaotic for him. june and mystic slept most of the night outside on the cement with him so i think they know al is not feeling well.

i am kind of afraid what the vet may say today about some of them…black buddy, halo and most esp. al.

i think hope is not floating as well as it could….i feel some uncomfortable bobbing occuring and it worries me. i wasn’t expecting al’s cancer to progress as quickly as it has been. and honestly..if he can live so well right up to almost 19, why can’t he do it to 20?!
don’t even want to think of our world without al.

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