is anyone free tomorrow…

Posted: May 30, 2015 at 7:17 pm

to go on a bit of an adventure with me to south surrey…would have to navigate (cuz I get lost in a closet.) and just for fun, I am keeping the exact nature of the adventure til its conclusion a secret (except for the person who navigates with me, you can know the secret mission so you can get us there!)

5 Comments on "is anyone free tomorrow…"

  • Cheryl Shaw says

    Carol, if you can tell me the times involved, I can try to be available to navigate for you – I am not too bad at it!

  • shawn says

    I wish….i have to pack boxes. Your adventure sounds much more fun

  • shelagh f says

    my email is goofed up, i did reply that i could help you out
    am available 1200 to 1600 so let me know and maybe call
    me if you want me and we can figure out where to meet up
    604 514 9969

  • Carol says

    thx everyone! this covered.

  • Tammy says

    Crap, sorry I’m not available. SAINTS adventures with you are always interesting.

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