bad decisions in rescue

Posted: October 17, 2015 at 5:49 pm

i was running the dogs tonight and i realized how hungry i was. yesterday i had a root canal done and from 11 am yesterday until 5 pm today, i only had one meal. soooo..i am contemplating the boring possibilities of drive thru take out options while walking the dogs but i didn’t want to go out to get anything because my foot hurts..that’s another whiny story for a different day.

suddenly i brought me an egg salad sandwich!!! super yay!!!  hunger issues are resolved.

i finish running the dogs, hit the fridge for a very lovely sandwich and a nice cold glass of milk and decide that since independence day is on again (twice today!) in the bedroom, i will have todays supper in there.

bad choice, i stupidly picked the room with the most egg salad loving dogs.

even limiting them each to two small bites meant they got 24 bites of my sandwich.

i am still hungry.


the great news today is…


we sent him off with a bunch of treats and food..brutus will not be hungry tonight.

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