daisy loses her shit…literally.

Posted: October 30, 2015 at 7:05 pm

i am a nice person and i get that new dogs in here like mojo who spent his entire life on a chain in a disgusting hell hole are initially stressed. i get that dying of cancer dogs like roger like special treats. i get that demented little yellow labs like daisy feel so much better about everything if they get to eat really good things. and i get that mileys confined to cage rest need something special to help them to feel better.
plus stable and currently fine old timers like benny, buddy mika and saatchi also appreciate some special things.

tonight i ordered in chinese food.

we have a system..one forkful for me, one forkful for you…x 8…one fork for me, one fork for you…x 8…it is sort of fair…(if you aren’t me.)
but it was not fair enough for daisy who was so beside herself jumping the line that she lost her shit.
omg the horrible smell of food frantic lab diarrhea, right at my feet.,,disgusting.

i cleaned it up and changed the rules…one forkful for you x 8 and repeat, one forkful for you x 8 repeat. i voluntarily bowed out of the food chain having lost my appetite.
the dogs were pretty happy.
esp. mojo who really enjoyed his very first saints you can eat a lot chinese food buffet.

tomorrow night i am sharing the rest of the chinese food with the other dog areas, they are not so confused and won’t lose their shit while frantic for chinese food.
way to ruin a nice human’s dinner miss stinky daisy-poop.

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