dear benny..the BEST dog in the world…

Posted: October 31, 2015 at 3:58 pm

has suddenly started seizuring. he has had 2 grand mals this afternoon. i spoke with the vet, got a bunch of drugs into him and am staying right with him because he gets anxious whenever i move.

it is never a good thing when a senior dog without any seizure history, starts seizuring.

benny is only 13 years old but for a 120 pound dog, that is in fact pretty darn old.

hope floats the med changes can control these new unhappy events.

love you benny, you are a great dog and a very special and hugely loved friend.

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4 Comments on "dear benny..the BEST dog in the world…"

  • shelagh f says

    great someone was there for him. he IS a lovely old guy

  • Brenda says

    Here’s hoping the meds kick in quickly and he’s feeling better – such a beautiful big boy

  • Michelle says

    Oh Carol. Thinking of you and Benny!!❤️

  • Linda Ciccozzi says

    Benny… are an awesome, handsome, gentle big boy! You stole my heart the first time I saw you. I always look forward to chatting with you while I sit by your side or make sure you are ok while outside. I know you understand me and I you! Carol, my heart goes out to you as you do have a most wonderful friend in Benny.
    Please feel better! Looking forward to seeing you in the morning😊🐾💕

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