ok..he’s a demon.

Posted: January 29, 2016 at 9:21 pm

he is done with the playpen. he is done with the laundry area. he is done with the kitchen. he has outgrown them all.

he has decided he is a computer room dog. and he likes kassa-blanka. he thinks she is hot. he got an erection but couldn’t quite reach. he is going to have to love her from a distance.

i had to take him with me to pee..i don’t quite trust shyla with this tiny wee thing.

he is currently wrapped up on a pillow with my sweatshirt watching a fireman movie…he likes the sirens.

its a good thing i am still sick and not up to anything except watching the mini demon taking over his new world.

he is going to be a monster, please someone just shoot me…he is too frail to ever deny and he has me wrapped around his teenie weenie demon toe.

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  • Penny says

    Too funny. Couldn’t he have fallen in love with someone even CLOSE to his own size. Kassa-Blanka is one of the largest dogs at Saints, and Mickey is probably the smallest. Aaah, love is blind!!!!

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