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Posted: April 26, 2016 at 7:00 am

nothing too much showed up on daisy’s blood work and xray…running one more test for addisons to try to explain her intermittent extreme weakness…. after that we are stumped.

new cat toro had her vet check yesterday…she is started on antibiotics and cartrophen injections for a mild bladder infection plus probable chronic cystitis.

cheyenne had her vet check, blood work and xrays yesterday…the xrays showed severe hip dysplagia plus the vet thinks she has degenerative myleopathy of the spine, both of which explain her parapalegia..not much can be done.

the bed-eaters are safe and well. they just can’t seem to understand that along with the old adage… don’t bite the hand that feeds you…is…don’t eat the bed you like to sleep on.

miley goes for her amputation this morning..i am still sick inside. this morning she and cassie were playing biting each other on the bed at my feet…it would have been cute if i didn’t know what was looming ahead for her later today…it makes me so sad.

dear miley..you drive me insane with your barking and if we were cutting off your vocal cords..my inside non rescue voice would be shouting hurray! but i am so very, very sorry that you are losing your leg.
hugs big girl…i truly would give you my leg if i could.
love you, be safe.

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