the much anticipated…

Posted: March 18, 2007 at 8:21 pm

photos of Ellie Mae and Percy as well as a few others and there are also some videos of ellie and one Sissy and Buddy getting exciting because Carol was cooking bacon (sans any Ellie, it was vegetarian).
There are a lot of Percy cause I am in love, there is a great one of Tyra and Percy.
And please try to ignore the high pitched voices on the videos, I really don’t understand why I can’t talk in a normal voice.

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  • Jean says

    Great pictures, Nicole. I LOVE the one of our bunny-troll Michael! He will be our Easter poster boy!

    Re the video clips, my computer says it can’t open them. Got any tips for those of us who are computer illiterate? I saved them, but it says it doesn’t know what program created them. HUH????

  • Nicole says

    once you save them (to your desktop or elsewhere). Right click the icon and choose ‘open with’ and you should be able to choose Windows Media Player from the list. If it doesn’t work I can email you different versions of the clips.

  • Jean says

    Nope, didn’t work with Windows Media Player – I get your squeeky voice but not the images. It still tells me it doesn’t recognize it.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Or just me?

  • Janice says

    Percy looks much better and hope to see that ear tag gone soon!!

  • vadie says

    great pics. and video’s are great too.(mine opened with quickTime) i can’t wait to meet ellie and percy when i get down to visit next time. i miss feeding calves their milk it was of my favorite chores as a child on my friends hobby farm. Percy has such smmooochie face and those big beautiful eyes.

  • Nicole says

    you were supposed to IGNORE the squeeky voice, not make fun of it.
    Jean, try this one at
    if it works for you I’ll do the rest.

  • Jean says

    That works, Nicole, and I didn’t even have to save it to my own computer first – opened right away!
    No sound though – but then you’d probably prefer it that way.. πŸ™‚

  • Carol says

    yay nicole…great photo ops (yet again!)

  • Cheryl says

    Oh Mo my friend…you look so happy with Percy…I so wish you could just pack it in with your 9 to 5 job and do what your heart wishes. Look at you…this is your calling…

    PS I do understand the day job pays the bills…sigh.

  • Mo says

    Yes I truly believe that this butt of mine was not meant to be sitting a desk all day.. it is much happier scooping poop, walking dogs, feeding calves, petting cats & all the rest that comes with my time at SAINTS…. I just need more of it !!!

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