I almost hit a kitten on my way home..

Posted: May 2, 2007 at 11:08 pm

he is a 5 or 6 month old orange kitty. Ran right out in front of  my car , 10 o’clock this evening. He is in my bathroom, asleep in the sink purring up a storm after eating the treats I brought home for my cats.    Do you know anyone who would like a very cute little guy ?   I do not want 4 cats… my guilt of not having enough individual time for the crew I have now , is all I can take. 

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  • Faith says


    There is someone looking to adopt a male orange cat on brindle. I have 5 cats myself and I find 3 to be the maximum allowable number of cats with regards to getting any sleep at all LOL! I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world but I sure wish I had a bedroom door sometimes….

  • Carol says

    lol..a late night rescuer who is good at her job! (and can multi-task!)

  • Mo says

    Thanks Faith … I’ve posted asking if they are still looking…this morning I think he is younger … his ” jewels ” are really tiny.

    Carol – as for Multi-tasking… you should have seen it… I had very little room in the car cuz 1 back seat was down & a lawnmower was in the back, both dogs wanted to ride shotgun & when I got back in the car , the kitty was hissing & spitting at my dogs who were very interested… & I still had to steer, shift, & brake in order to make it home… I think Harley was there helping me out ; – )

  • Carol says

    you have been hanging out with me for way too long!

  • Janice says

    I wonder if someone is looking for this kitten???

  • Mo says

    There were no signs up when I came home tonight & to me that is an indication of how much he is missed. I drove all around the neighborhood & couldn’t find any notice or sign anywhere. I was hoping it was a case of he slipped out an open door when no one was looking…in any case he is an absolute sweetie with a purr that sounds like a motorboat !!

  • Carol says

    someone should have neutered and tattoo’d him. unneutered half grown kittens loose in the dark of the night might need new and more responsible homes. maybe i am missing something and being unfair but i am kind of a hard-assed about this kind of thing.i don’t have alot of patience for people who don’t get around to important stuff…like neuters and identifying tattoos and keeping not very bright adolescent kittens safe inside where they belong. that cat is very lucky he is not dead.

  • Janice says

    Thats how i feel about six month old litle boy perfect freind for Ellie , farm pigs ….(ducking again)

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