murphy three passed today

Posted: June 4, 2007 at 4:42 pm

in the loving arms of his foster mom. rest in peace mr. murph-man and my deepest sympathy to janice who loved him so well.

4 Comments on "murphy three passed today"

  • Mo says

    RIP little Murph , where you are heading, you will have many friends to greet you.

  • Chris T says

    Sorry to hear this. Take care Janice and Carol.

  • Patrice S. says

    I spent plenty of time with Janice and Murphy and they were so happy together. I think his heaven started here on earth with Janice (or with Carol and then Janice).

  • Carol says

    it wasn’t here patrice…murph wasn’t really happy (altho he did try) til janice took him home.

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