jesse’s passing was good.

Posted: August 1, 2007 at 7:50 pm

the vet felt it was possibly a really aggressive form of skin cancer, plus she found some abdominal masses as well. jess did not relax and go to sleep with the pre-med. she just sat in my arms and purred and head butted me instead. we waited for her to fall asleep, but she just didn’t. still, not a flinch or any sign of fear, ever trusting, ever full of faith. she was a really good cat.

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  • Chris T says

    I am glad it was as good as it could be for her. Take care Carol.

  • Larraine says

    What a wonderful thing you did for Jess. Holding her to the end. I’m sure she is at peace now. Now I know why you are called Saints.

  • Lisa says

    Dear Carol, you obviously did right and Jesse did good bless her! I am so sorry there have been so many friends leaving this last week or two but with you they were home and happy. You gave them a life and quality of life they would otherwise not have had. Big hugs to you all!!!! Lisa

  • Rae says

    Rest in peace sweet kitty, you were safe and you were loved. I’m so sorry Carol

  • Julie says

    You will always be beautiful little Jesse. You are loved sweet kitten.

  • I’m glad to hear that Jesse’s passing went smoothly and that her last moments were fear-free. Thank you for looking after her all this time….

  • wendy says


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