Ellie Mae

Posted: December 15, 2007 at 12:35 am

Ellie Mae
Photo by Shelley

3 Comments on "Ellie Mae"

  • Carol says

    thx nicole…isn’t she lovely??!!!
    she walked into the barn tonight on all four feet, she had an absolute pig heart attack cuz i made her wait on the other side of the inside barn gate while tunie vacated her premises and i prepared her food and meds….ellie’s thwarted screams and tantrums are music to my ears….she is spoiled rotten and i am going to spoil her even more!

  • bridget says

    i would have never imagined a pig to be so beautiful. then again, she’s the first pig i’ve met, so she has that advantage over me.

    ellie mae, the pink princess.

  • Meagan says

    Oh, that’s heaven:)

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