The Americats Outside

Posted: August 14, 2008 at 10:21 am

Here are some pictures of the Americats outside. Thanks Lana!

They sure look like they are having a good time outside and safe.

7 Comments on "The Americats Outside"

  • Deb says

    Happy happy Americats! Way cool.

  • Susan from Chicago says

    Fabulous! May I link your site to the the Nye County Site on BF? Tis just what people need to see right now!

    Thanks so much!

  • Susan from Chicago says

    Meant to say “this is just what people need to see right now”…how very Shakespearean…

  • Shelley says

    That is so fantastic – it will add so much to their quality of life. Way to go!

  • Carol says

    link away susan…but look at the very bottom picture up in the far corner with the three cats…it is charlie and ronnie and the guy in the back is merlin but holy smoke batman at first i thought it was albus come back to check out the new outdoor run…either my eyes are getting really bad or those cats are goofing around with my head.

  • Susan from Chicago says

    LOL! It could be the way you have been spending your nights… but I think the kitties are playing with you…

  • Hillevi says

    Oh how cool!!!! They finally get to spend time outside again – but this time it is good weather, grassy, and plenty of shelves and ramps – what a far cry from Pahrump, Nevada. It is soooooo good to see them again. I love Charlie and The Rock!!!! Carol, I still miss Aladdin the most. I hope that he is looking down on you and meowing. God Bless You and everyone who helps you.

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