first blood

Posted: November 11, 2008 at 12:57 pm

shilo is pissed…10 claws and gawd knows how many teeth directed straight at me…hah, only one minor blood letting tho…i am almost as quick.

spritely is bleeding from her nose today….this a huge worry. it is probably from too long term quatrisol…don’t know what we will do if we have to stop the med that keeps her feeling well and pain free.

2 Comments on "first blood"

  • Carol says

    I am thinking the reality of your life is that concerns, large and small, present themselves on most days. I hope you will find a way to manage this one, but if not, that gifts like fourlane’s to you the other night, outnumber, or at least outweigh, the concerns.

  • Emma says

    Now that sounds like my kind of cat!! Only there in no room at the inn for the time being. Looking forward to seeing her next weekend.

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