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Posted: November 22, 2008 at 7:44 pm

So I’m trying to post photos from every weekend when I’m out at SAINTS. (just to keep Mo quiet)

Al making himself at home on Carol’s bed.

New cat from FF – I call her Ear Polyps, but I think her name might be Mia.

New cat from FF – I call her ringworm nose. Not really, but I can’t remember what her name is.

FF Bitzy is less than thrilled to be with other cats, but was quite interested the outside.

FF Bitzy again

What was Carol’s bedroom, now is the cat room

Fourlane sleeping quietly (I call him runway, sounds better).

Al, still relaxing on carol’s bed, in her new bedroom.

Jack, posing on the couch

Ellie being ellie



Spot and Gideon


Gideon having a wee trot across the field

Percy saying hello

FF Kitty (can’t remember his name already)and Americat Merlin

FF Crooked head, also can’t remember her name

Floyd the crazy duck

6 Comments on "more photos"

  • shelley says

    These are fantastic! Thank you so much. I can’t get out to SAINTS very often and seeing these puts a face to the names in Carol’s blog. It also reminds me what a great place it is.

  • Carol says

    louise is the crooked head tilt sweet black cat…that is betsy with merlin (she has a cold and got a convenia injection today too and she was pissed right off cuz i stuck her while she was sleeping on the couch!)
    floyd has moved into the chicken coop (he trashed the bunny room again last night…told ya to quit bugging the bunnies floyd!)
    you got mia right and clara is the one with ringworm on her nose.

  • Carol says

    and you got ellie’s one eyed considering look perfectly in that photo too! see… now everyone knows what i am taking about…it is a very profound look!

  • Chris T says

    What a great new bedroom for you Carol! You deserve it.

  • Hillevi says

    I thought for sure the photo was of Merlin and Bruce – new best buddies. Oh well. I am just glad they are all happy!

  • Carol says

    bruce has a round boy face….brianne has a roundish but smaller, finer face, betsy has a pointy, delicate, elfin face.

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