Posted: January 3, 2009 at 7:38 pm

i have created a new photo album. After looking through the 1300 photos i have taken since the last album i made in april i created and album with 140 photos so hopefully that will satisfy everyone (even you Mo).

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  • Chris T says

    Great pics Nicole! There are so many I am in love with. Chica is darling and other 2 new little ones too!

  • Deb says

    Nice job, Nicole! There are some awesome shots!

  • lynne says

    i clicked on photo album but just the old gallery came up. help

  • Lory says

    Thank you so much.

  • Nicole says

    lynne, the new album is the may-dec08 one at the top left with Jack and Cole as the thumbnail for it.

  • Fabulous – what happy, happy kids! Thanks for posting.

  • Carol says

    there are some pretty special photos there nicole, especially of the saints now gone away.

    i must tell you tho that the photos of the green hills and warm days are making me ache with longing.

    maybe next time separate them into spring, summer, fall and winter and then by the time we hit the winter ones maybe i won’t moan in frozen wanting.

  • Mo says

    Ummm I would have been satisfied if you hadn’t mentioned that you had 1300 pictures… Hmmm when will I get to see all the other photos ??… and where is half-pint in all those ?

    Honestly.. Thanks a lot Nicole.. you know how much I love your pictures, it is great to see everyone from the eyes of a camera… exspecially those that slipped away this past year..sorta takes your breath away for a second

  • Nicole says

    i think i only have one photo of half pint, she wouldn’t stay far enough away from the camera but it is odd it isn’t in there. i will go look for it.
    fyi, since i started taking photos at saints i actually have almost 8000 photos. the 1300 was just since May.

  • Mo says

    Holy cow , when am I ever going to have the chance to view 8000 photos….. I am never going to be satisfied

  • Diane says

    Absolutely beautiful pictures – makes every senior look so wonderful! What kind of camera do you use? You are a GREAT photographer! Thanks!

  • So Nicole;

    Can Carrie just take the ones I need off and have them done at London drugs? Then I could get the whole lot of the charts done. I intend to do three lists this week too, so everyone that can help willl know what we need ok. Thanks so much Eva.

  • Marie Bellemare says

    Thank you so much for sharing those with us. I enjoyed it so much. OKA and the little light… that’s so adorable… Happy New Year to SAINTS and all who contribute to it. Big friendly hug for Carol. Marie and the dogs xo

  • Lisa formerly OBX says

    what gorgeous, dignified senior citizens – do I sense a calendar for fund raising in the works??

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