Posted: February 19, 2009 at 6:09 am

aka slasher cat, died yesterday in nicole”s arms. milly had been battling (and keeping at bay for much longer than we thought) mammary cancer.

milly lived under our bathroom sink (i can’t even remember where she came from or how she ended up so desperately unhappy here)…but the truth of the matter is…milly hated it here. nicole took the time to help her feel better and then fell in love.

if you called nicole when she was trying to sleep after a night shift (nicole NEVER turns off her phone), you would hear all kinds of ow, ouches, hey cut that out and yes, giggles too,  as milly played her favorite bedtime game…..”oh hey since we are awake anyway, lets have fun making you scream….”

rest in peace slasher milly cat, i know you died happy cuz nicole’s heart is weeping again.

take care of yourself nicole and thank you for giving milly back her rightful place in the world.

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