toby passed peacefully away this afternoon.

Posted: March 30, 2009 at 5:46 pm

i took him into the vet to help him go. he was doing ok but i am back to work tomorrow and just did not want to risk him needing me and me not being here.

21 years is a long time for any cat to live. toby was one of our greatest cats of all time…mr. “reach out and touch someone” will be deeply missed.

we love you toby.

5 Comments on "toby passed peacefully away this afternoon."

  • dawn says

    Rest in peace little man, SAINTS will not be the same withour you.

  • Deb says

    Shalom Toby. Your work here is done. You are going to be missed by many.

  • Angelina says

    Rest in peace Toby. I am going to miss you.

  • Jean says

    Run free, Toby.
    How well I remember that persistent little tap on the arm as I stood chatting in the kitchen. He was always one of my favourites.

  • laura says

    Toby was the sweetest guy. He knew how to ask for what he wanted. As you were about to leave you could never resist giving him one more pet when he reached out to you with his little paw. Toby your presence will be missed….

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