and…saints is…

Posted: May 15, 2009 at 6:59 am

#1 in BC

#2 in canada

#41 in north america

as of this morning.

i think we can all celebrate this…yay!

our ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE BIG DEAL DAY is…the weekend of JUNE 27/28..both sat and sun. 11am-4 pm. so please plan on a visit so we can celebrate these animals lives together.

AND….we need a WORK PARTY DAY to get ready…so how about the weekend before…JUNE 20/21st 10 am- 2pm to spiff this place up???

the animals want to be proud of their home when they share it and themselves at the open house.

5 Comments on "and…saints is…"

  • lynne says

    good idea for the work party, lets have a pot luck too.

  • lynne says

    i do not think 10 to 2 is long enough for a work party. we want to get a lot done. i remember the very first time i came to saints, it was a work party. boy was i lost, could not find my way around but it was a whole lot of fun. hopefully we can get lots of people to help and have a chow down too.

  • lynne says

    i know i think of food a lot but what about the open house. do you want us to bring anything. i think last year we did.

  • nicole says

    don’t worry about the open house for now.
    i will be posting soon about it, mostly we need committed volunteers, no food.

  • Laura says

    Darn, we will be away that weekend…and we so enjoy the open house getting to showing off our favorite place!!

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