i have posted 3 times that have gone awol with this computer

Posted: September 6, 2009 at 6:50 am

they were good posts. not that you’ll ever know.

joyce and bud? can you get kevin to call me? i can’t get his phone number out of this computer.

i am just giving quickie updates cuz when i push publish, this might go awol too.

endora is fully recovered and back to her normal “i want food” self.

cole has diarrhea..this is a drag for both of us.

new possible incoming…

old arthritic lab and maybe a young twisted little monster, both up for euth.

i am getting excited about the fundraiser…as it all comes together, the animals are going to be right there in the room! hah, to rules that will not allow animals in person…the whole crew is coming, their personalities and spirits will still be crowding that rented venue.

i watched the video again last night, aurora looked so beautiful.

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