a quick update and new rule before i forget

Posted: September 22, 2009 at 7:01 pm

re….weekend treats for the dogs…no more for a while. sorry this is going to kill them and mo but i finally figured out coles diarrhea. it is really bad today..it had started to get better by the end of last week and today it is horrid again. i don’t want him feeling like he is getting ripped off and i don’t want him to have any treats for the next couple of weeks so no one is getting them. they will have to be happy with just hanging out in the garden without stuffing their guts.

it is only a couple of weekends and then we can try  one or two treats only for each and every one.

bobbie brown had 7 abcessed teeth removed today. he is staying in at the vets but should be home tomorrow.

boo looks horrid..i got her to eat a full can of that turdunken stuff yesterday but nothing today and we gave her the very same meds. i am thinking she is reaching the end of her road…ahh boo, who is going to take whacks at all of us cleaning folks????

i turned away an animal at a shelter today without even finding out what and why…i just said, we can’t we are way too full. i fear it was at the end of the road too. and i got an email about a little and ancient wrecked one at a different shelter who is coming up for euth too. sadly this one came with info….i don’t want to know who i am saying no to.

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