a successful saints day today

Posted: November 4, 2009 at 7:24 pm

herman had his teeth and feet done successfully today..i didn’t know the vets were coming til they were gone and it was finished. i arranged to leave work a bit early so i could check on him before dark…he was absolutely fine, everyone took really good care of him today.

the bird aviaries will be done by tomorrow..the framing and doors are up so tomorrow is finish off the mesh, add all the very nice to have things like hanging perches/toys, climbing ladders, little shelves, and corner perching dowels. each aviary is small…maybe 4x4x8 feet tall but still plenty of room for a couple of cockatiels or a couple of budgies to flutter around. i am quite excited to get them out of their cages..we will put their cages in intitally with the cage doors open in the aviary til they get used to the extra space. i really hope that they like their new found freedom and their much expanded worlds…i hope we have designed it well for them…..trying hard for quality of life here even for our littlest saints.

i cooked a frozen pizza for dinner and shared it with the crew crowding the kitchen..they thought i should have made a couple of more..in their minds…one for all of us was a bit of a stretch.

today my eyes welled up with my first tears of the week..renee called me on my cell phone at just past 8 this morning. she was petting morgan. not just a little touch but the full ecstatic head rub. yay morgan! yay renee!…5 months i have been waiting for that little cat to show us who was really inside of her…..
not a feral cat, just a slow to trust one….i was so happy for all of us today.

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