welcome to fat cat manor

Posted: November 10, 2009 at 10:00 pm

harvey is waddling around in the back cat rooms..scrappy is following him and so are monty and marshmellow..winter and max and mia are watching closely..it occurs to me that if those cats were a bit thinner…we would have more room. sadly they lost the opportunity to play with renee’s ipod which might have worn off a few calories..altho it sounds like reggie is having fun with it.

just kidding…ok, maybe not.

so far harvey seems to be doing reasonably well but then that black barbarian cat is no where around.
shadow is choked with me…we ran out of those smoked turkey things that i give to her every night. tonight she just got a plain cookie (or three)..she didn’t like the first one and she didn’t like number two or three. don’t ask me why i kept giving them to her when she didn’t like them..like she was going to change her mind?
she is going in to have her eye pressure checked on saturday cuz when louise trimmed her bangs and we could finally see her eyes..one looks like it might have too much pressure.

omg..i am turning into an eye pressure paranoid freak.

all is well…my toe still hurts a little bit but i guess i will survive. (not too sure about the ipod tho, i better go see what reggie is doing)

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