nicole has pics of all of the new guys

Posted: November 29, 2009 at 9:04 pm

so go ahead and bug her to post them as soon as she can!

6 Comments on "nicole has pics of all of the new guys"

  • lynne says

    mo you are not reading this? i would love to see some new pics of the new ones.

  • Mo says

    Lol…. I was holding back , glad someone else commented… just wait until everyone sees the new little guys… Toni is adorable, Milly is just the sweetest little girl, Yuki is a little buddle of love… and OMG.. who is the 4th one… I get stuff all mixed up when a we get more than 1 in at a time..I forget who is a boy & who is a girl… don’t even bother to ask me their ages or the story behind them, what I do know is that they are happy & safe and I hope we can find them the person or people who will take them into their home & heart and love them forever. No rush Nicole …. NOT !! eh eh eh.. I’ll check back later

  • Mo says

    Doh ! Like I said I can’t keep track of who is who when they come in at more than 1 at a time… It is Lilly that is the sweetest little girl and OMG how could I forget Spot was the 4th.. for some reason I think he has been with SAINTS for a while… I must be remembering Potatoe Ed… Hmmmm no Pics yet… nudge nudge : – )

  • Hillevi says

    Eh Ehm . . . Pics Please!

  • Lynne says

    Yes…Spot is the 4th! We are waiting patiently (a little) to see his new pictures!

  • Hillevi says

    Still no pics? Ppppllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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