i am going to post some of the photo’s that jenn took yesterday

Posted: March 7, 2010 at 8:51 pm

this could be jewel’s last really good day..hopefully not, but the possibility exists, so i want to celebrate the fun that she had.

jewel with her stick

jewl on the beach

jewel the water dog again!

kodi herds the bed buddies and holds them in place
kodi herds the bed buddies up onto the bed
mission accomplished

mission accomplished

esther’s beauty
esther's beauty

too big for daphne

too big for daphne

a happy princess pig

a happy princess pig

why tyra’s leg hurts

it was a beautiful day.

4 Comments on "i am going to post some of the photo’s that jenn took yesterday"

  • Mauro Salles says

    Jewel equals peace plus hapiness, “clearly” posing for the pics. What more could I say? And, amazingly enough, Kodi is very happy too, practicing General Patton’s style.

  • Roff says

    Wonderful photos, thank you. Like the others (even Kodi!), Jewel looks so happy …

  • info says

    love the picture of daphne!

  • Pam says

    Carol, these are great! I especially love how Kodi herded up the bed buddies! Priceless!

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