March 20th SAINTS Pub Night

Posted: March 16, 2010 at 12:30 pm

It looks like we are close to being sold out on this event. Wow two weeks ago I thought we were going to be lucky if 50% sold. Anyways I just wanted to give everyone who reads the blog and is coming to the event a heads up. There is a Vancouver Canucks Game on Saturday… the pub told me the people who come to see the game will start showing up at 6 PM so if you would like to have the best seat in the house… PLEASE COME EARLY. The tickets say you don’t get your drink until 5:30 but there is no reason you can’t show up at 5 PM. Also if you would like a table reserved for you and your group of friends you can all 24 hours ahead and book a reservation
They will hold a table for you just like a restaurant but just like a restaurnt they won’t hold it past 15 minutes. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

Thanks… and here’s hoping that Carol will be saved being bald.

4 Comments on "March 20th SAINTS Pub Night"

  • Jenn says

    thanks sheila I will forward this info onto the facebook group for this event

  • lynne says

    i will be by this week to buy my tickets. hopefully th ere wll be some left. i am not sure if i need 2 or 4 but will know for sure by tomorrow. sheila i am bringing the clothes with me will show up early and we can then decide what to do. carol, people have been offering me money if you shave your head. lol

  • Sheila says

    Nicole, Amy, Meghann and husband…. your 4 tickets will be waiting for you at the pub.


    PS that is hysterical that people will PAY to have Carol bald.

  • lynne says

    carol i need you to save 3 tickets for me thankyou in advance.i hope the new ones are . doing fine, can not wait to meet them am missing copper a lot, it is not the same without his little antics and his zest for life he was a handful but well worth it. i still can not believe he is not here. it seems like a blur. so sorry sweetie love you lots.

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