Starring Larry

Posted: June 10, 2010 at 11:23 am


Here are the great videos Colleen was able to take of Larry while he was at her house and post to Youtube for us to enjoy!!!! I heart Larry and you will too.

In this first one you can enjoy him “do-do-doing”

In this second and third video Larry is doing his classic happy “roll” and “shake”

Please note in this one when Larry stops mid roll and lays in his classic rigamortis-way (legs sticking straight out)

15 Comments on "Starring Larry"

  • Jenn says

    these videos of Larry have brough great joy to my day. Thank you Colleen. Maybe you can be our official “videographer” … bring your camera saturday and we will see what other saintly quirks we can capture on the small screen to share with the world!

  • Amy says

    What a little sweet heart 🙂

  • emma says

    Funny! I want to live at Colleen’s house and be fed treats and roll around on a blanket in the sun all day! I like the way he stands there afterwards wondering what he should do next.

    My old cat Molson used to stick all his legs straight out all stiff like that when you held him like a baby. Very cute. RIP sweet little boy. Its only been a week but you are missed greatly.

  • Colleen Bridges says

    Sorry for your loss, Emma – I hope you have many beautiful memories to hold close to your heart…

    Jenn – videographer, yes! I’m in 🙂 I picture Phoebe’s whirling, Casper’s two legged dance, Esther’s cookie call, Kodi’s herding, Al’s head through your knees, Squirt’s pants biting…can you tell I spend most of my time with the dogs?

  • Renee says

    Carol can you check your email?

  • Amy Dalgliesh says

    He still has quite the spring in his step doesn’t he? I love his ears. And who, pray tell, is the beautiful supporting actor/actress in these films?

  • Tammy says

    Emma, sorry about Molson. He was a lucky boy to have you for his mom.
    On another note, videos of Phoebe would be in high demand, so shoot away.

  • Hillevi says

    Love the videos and, yes, please post more of the SAINTS!

  • Brenda says

    Colleen; What wonderful videos of Larry! It’s a great idea for you to be a videographer for the animals at SAINTS – just make sure it’s the animals you’re capturing on film, not the volunteers – or at least not THIS volunteer! See you Saturday.

  • Jenn says

    lol Brenda is still traumatized from when Mo’s so-caleld “picture-taking” turned out to be “video-taping” haha. yes we will stick to the non-human animals. Colleen I noticed Daphne was not on you list … and when I told her she said said “hmph.” so you will need to make it up to her by taking extra videe of her super ball fetching skills. I mean she really is the STAR of SAINTS (no … Tammy Pheobe is only the star of the Tammy Show) haha. I can’t wait to get them all on film.

  • Colleen Bridges says

    Amy, that supporting actor is my very own Mr. Ollie. He really is beautiful, especially his long dancer legs…thanks for noticing!

    Ok, Daph…get in line. Nobody will be left out. Even Reggie and his bark-screaming will have a feature film.

    Brenda, just because you said not to…watch out! I won’t be able to come Saturday until later, maybe around 2 so I hope I don’t miss the fun!

  • Lynne & Scott (and Spot, of course) says

    Love the Larry videos! If you want to see a video of SAINTS own Spot, go to facebook and search for Spotor Motor. Spot just posted a video and he NEEDS friends!

  • Mo says

    Someone neds to teach me how to get my videos on youtube… I am tired of watching them on my teeny weeny screen on th ecamera.. love Larry & his toodling

  • Marisa says

    LOL! In the first video, Larry reminds me of a tap dancer…he’s the Fred Astaire of the dog world!

  • Kim says

    I wonder why Larry closes his eyes so much. I like his horizontal ears. His pal is very cute, too, being very nonchalant and taking Larry’s antics in stride.

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