Oldies but goodies

Posted: June 22, 2010 at 9:20 pm

(From Jenn)

I am pretty sure my mom may kill me for this or at the very least change her pass word so that I cannot post pictures anymore … oh well it is worth it. I got scanner happy and have decided to share with all of you some pics of both Tyra and Carol in their younger … and older years . ENJOY!!!

Carol Jane Hine’s Younger Self
Carol very young

Tyra Jane Hine’s Younger Self
young tyra

Carol and some dog she probablly rescued.  Is it just me or do they look a lot alike?
carol young

Here is Carol and her original rescued scoobie gang of misfits
Carol and the scoobies

Once upon a time Carol and Tyra lived in a somewhat normal home … at least there was a functional kitchen and about a 2:1 animal/human ratio
Carol with hair and tyra

The original SAINTS dogs from left to right and front to back: Stan the Man, Wilber, Copper Top, Tyra Jane, and Tally-ho Braveheart.
the scoobie gang

Then one day Carol founded SAINTS and bought a large property in Mission … and Tyra was so happy to have her own pond to swim in and a million tennis balls to play with. She says she could have done without Pheobe though
tyra and pheobe
tyra the swimmer

Eventhough there were over a 100 other animals all needing her mama’s attention … Tyra was still the Alpha and she knew it
tyra is still alpha dog
tyra the troubvle maker

And when Jenn finished her degree and didn’t have to write stupid papers anymore she started coming around too and gave tyra lots of love
tyra and jenn

but tyra was starting to get old now
tyra and chica

and so was Carol

**Both Oldies but goodies though**

But no matter what, Tyra was there in the beginning and her spirit will be here when she is gone too … and she will always be the saints ALPHA
Carol and tyra newbee rescuers

13 Comments on "Oldies but goodies"

  • Colleen Bridges says

    I wouldn’t have recognized Tyra!

  • Jenn says

    I know eh? in her younger years you can see the dobe in her way more … and in her senior years she looks more shep.

  • Rae says

    Oh My, they have both aged gracefully. Wonderful pictures!

  • Shelley says

    You and your daughter are gorgeous.

    Tyra’s beauty is timeless.

  • lynne says

    awh what a great time you have had with tyra the stealing the cat food dishes the loving the head rubs she is a great dog and especially to share you so much carol she is amazing.

  • amy says

    Love it 🙂

  • Renee says

    I’ll be in at 8 🙂

  • Carol says

    some day i may just aquire a scanner too….and i have pictures of a certain very young daughter who used to run around the neighborhood nude!

  • Helga says

    You can come and use my scanner, Carol. Anytime. Old photos make great memories.

  • roff says

    Fabulous collection of photos. Thanks for sharing …

  • Mauro Salles says

    Way to go, Jenn!
    A very beautiful story, told with so few words and images. And a tribute to all who have stood at SANTS, , symbolized by the pioneers. Time is passing and appearances will change, but something essential remains.

  • Marie Bellemare says

    Thank you Jenn for sharing those pictures… super !

  • Kim says

    Love Carol’s schoolgirl photo! You can see it’s her.

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