i believe i am finally catching up on my sleep..

Posted: June 30, 2010 at 5:45 am

i was trying not to fall asleep on the way home from work yesterday…i did fall asleep in the bath and i was out like a light by 9pm…the good news is i woke up on my own at 430 before my alarm so i must be catching up finally.

somehow in those bed buddy dogs..i have created this in sync group that lives for bed time and sleep. it doesn’t matter what time i hit the bed…be it at night or during the day for a quickie nap…those dogs are right there and ready to snuggle in.

you can feel the collective ahhhh of a dozen dogs when i finally hit that bed.

in thinking about this..i think it is weird, how they all (like me) so crave the end of the day. i can never send out any of them to homes who make dogs sleep somewhere else…these guys need…and i mean NEED to share the bed.

on thursday, jenny is going home with nicole on a trial….i want her to leave jenny here and take 4 little dogs instead. when she goes, saints will be down to 9 big dogs..the rest are the little ones.

and here is the thing…i do not want to be a little dog rescuer..i want the big, happy oafish things who are happy to sleep on their own beds alone.

kody, jesse, esther, jenny, bibi, dusty, lucky and bailey do not need to be up on the bed….al does but recently with all of the little ones there, he is content with the futon instead….maude would like to be up on that bed again but she is not going near that collective bed pack with a 10 foot pole.

anyway..i would like to find bed homes for some of the little dogs….merry and  prudence could be happy on someone elses bed….sammy and poppy and griffin would like onto ANYONE’S bed (cuz mine is too full for them right now.) 

and do you know who would really like the chance to sleep on my bed but couldn’t cuz her skin was just too stinky flaky gross before?…molly. it just occured to me that maybe she has been growing her coat nice and like silk and healing her skin til it is soft again so one day i would let her sleep with me….i think she would like that before the end of her life. 

but those little bed buddies will not be too happy if i let her in when there are so many of them.

hmmmm….maybe i will try her on my next day off in case i lose out on sleeping again…i might as well try to avoid future guilt where ever i can….at 19 yrs old,  time is probably running out for molly to finally get up on the bed at night…i need to do something about that.

6 Comments on "i believe i am finally catching up on my sleep.."

  • Jenn Hine says

    Yeah Jenny!!!!

  • Kim says

    Good luck, Jenny. She has such a sweet, quiet nature and sad eyes. I’m so happy that she is getting an opportunity
    for a little more attention.
    Yes, it sure sounds like Molly has earned her stripes, at 18, to sleep where all the other princes and princesses dwell. She, too, is a little dolly.

  • Colleen Bridges says

    Congrats Jenny on joining Nicole’s LA crew!

    Larry told me he’d like to be a bed buddy too.

  • laura says

    Since your mind is fresher…..did you remember to do your home owner grant?

  • Mo says

    I will not be able to make it out tomorrow… Gwen is home & I am not really comfortable enough yet to take off for 3 or 4 hours… how the heck i am supposed to go back to work next week ????

  • Jenn says

    good call laura! I was thinking about this today too …. eeek MOM I hope you did it.

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