Al and the Egg

Posted: July 1, 2010 at 10:57 am

Allister  is a 16 year old yellow lab cross who every morning jumps the 5 foot fence and meets Colleen D in the riding ring … he loves to play and hunt frogs. Colleen D captured this great video of him playing with a giant egg as her own Dog Ticket follows the action around and the barn guys remain fairly indifferent … enjoy!!!

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  • Carol says

    i swear to god that dog is going to kill himself having too much fun one day!

  • Mo says

    Love love love that, al is the coolest egg pushing, frog hunting dog around,,, and I’m pretty sure he is 16 now ( like Mother like daughter , they never age)

    Is there anyoneone who can help out at the barn this week-end ? I don’t think Wendy is able to come out & if there is help .. I’d like to hang with Gwen & finish off some stuff around here… anyone ?

  • Colleen Donnelly says

    I’ll be here Mo and will tend to the barn and guys.

    How’d Gwen do with her surgery? Hope she’s well!!

  • Maggie says

    Colleen would you mind me working along with you in the barn, etc.? I would like to get to know the routine so I can pitch in when needed.
    If this works for you…..which day?

  • Ann says

    16 years old! That is truly amazing he is just like a puppy. Seems that living at SAINTS also reverses the aging process!! Carol can I move in?

  • Poppy says

    Thanks for the smile 🙂 Love how calm the horses are throughout.

  • Colleen Donnelly says

    Either day is fine with me Maggie. I’ll begin at a lazy 9 a.m. 🙂

  • Mauro Salles says

    The barn guys ==> “What the hell is he doing? I’m going to pretend I didn’t see this …”.

  • K.O. says

    If we all could find such happiness is pushing a blue egg around a field!!!Love that Al dog.I will be there on the weekend Mo.

  • Colleen Donnelly says

    Haha Mauro!

    Al tries super duper hard not to get that egg ( which is actually a horse or cow toy…I see Joy giving it a hoof or two once in a blue moon ) toooo close to the horses or cows. If it gets within a foot of them he stands and barks like crazy at the egg to move.

    Same day, same egg: (hope the link works )

    If that doesn’t work…here’s a link!

  • Mo says

    Thanks alot for the support out at the barn… Gwen is probably handling this better than me.. I have started leaving her for short intervals in the empty room on her own & she seems to be Ok with it.. I will try a bit longer tomorrow & pull the car out of the driveway and sneak back to peek thru the windows & make sure she is not being a dork. Then gradually increase the time in anticipation of returning to work.. great suggestion Carol.. Thanks

    I have corned off an area in the livingroom so she can move around a bit .. the crate is out of the question with that freaking cone.. and the ramp ( i built she sez with pride) is working great.. it could probably be a couple inches wider, but we still can both go up & down together.

    I will have SAINTS withdrawal this week end & may still come for a short visit Sunday afternoon … if all goes like I am visualizing ( she sez with hope, hope, hope)

  • Mauro Salles says

    **** Colleen, the “D” one 🙂 ****
    I think the second video is better than the first!! Two babies messing around: one is a super athlete and the other is the coach (or the lifeguard?). I would love to be one of them. Maybe in another life? LOL.

    **** Carol or Jenn ****
    Please, post the second video “below” the first one.

  • Colleen Donnelly says

    Mauro…The other one is my German Shepherd Ticket. She doesn’t like to swim at all. I was absolutely amazed that she went in deep enough that she had to swim for 3 seconds. She is a wench in that she stands onshore and grabs the ball/egg/stick when the *athlete* goes the distance for it.

    Al is a blast. I can’t tell you the number of times I have said “Al…WAAAAAIIIITT!!” when I see him about to scale the fence. But nope…his day begins at 8 am every damn day and everyone else better be there and be ready. I love that dog!!

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