Poppy Star

Posted: July 7, 2010 at 5:30 am

here by popular demand thanks to Colleen B (our little videographer) … is little miss POPPY. In this episode Poppy is desperate for attention and resorts to wildly chasing her tail. I am sorting dog coats and watching her cuteness as Colleen, the fastest videographer in the west grabs her camera …

11 Comments on "Poppy Star"

  • Carol says

    i told poppy she’d feel better after her teeth, eye and tumour removals..she did not believe me but i was right!
    she is a brand-new old dog!

  • laura says

    Carol the lady I brought up the other night to meet Poppy would now like to meet you and discuss taking Poppy home on a trail this Fri-Sun.

  • Oh, she has the sweetest voice! What a charmer.

  • Mo says

    What a cutie, she reminds me of the pilate(sp?) loving Molly . I want a teeny weenie dog Waaaaaa

  • Mo says

    and speaking of Stars, I flipped my Tisol calendar to July this morning & WHOO HOO I get to look at Lahanie, Percy, Pete & Al for the the rest of the month… along with the entire photo collage I have around my entire work station. I get a lot of questions about the Pig laying the pond with Ellie written on her side in mud.. that was brilliant.

  • Beverly says

    Carmen says Poppy needs a special Diva outfit and sun hat like she has 🙂

    Cute little turd…wish I was ready for another!

  • Poppy says

    Oh my gosh the cuteness!!

  • Mauro Salles says

    What a ferocious attack!!! I’m still trembling!!! 🙂

  • Poppy says

    I have watched this 4x today and about to again. Such happiness radiating from this little diva dog! I think I am in love 🙂

  • Kim says

    Miss Pop-Star at her finest, shining brightly.

  • jezebel says

    Thanks Collen; I totally needed that!!! Pure adorable-ness!!!!!

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