i get the oddest emails sometimes…

Posted: September 3, 2010 at 5:03 pm

this one i didn`t even bother to get all offended over…it was just too out of left field…

Wow – you’ve sure got a hate on for Bibi! There is no update on her status since April. Why did her owner surrender her? What is her current status?

that was it…that was all…just a signature at the bottom.
i sent a polite answer back and answered her questions..

hi xxxxx…your email took me by surprise…i don`t hate bibi, i am not sure why you would think that….in fact i adore him, he is a very sweet and sensitive dog.

the owners surrendered him because he barked in the back yard non stop and they received complaints..he lived outside due to allergies in the family.
his current status is…he is a 14 year old dog with both bowel and bladder incontinence issues due to severe degenerative mylepathy of the spine. he still has some anxiety issues if he cannot see me but he is much better than he was. he is happy here which i am thankful for.

anyway..i got a nice email back…it was his bio on his page that i wrote on the blog when he came in that upset her…she thought it was way too negative, in re-reading it…it was the truth..bibi was a total mess. anyway..he is better, he is happy..he will not be moved or upset again, bibi is a permanent sanctuary dog.
rescue is pretty weird some days….chock full of misunderstandings. i should probably re-write his bio but it will just get forgotten on my to-do list anyway. but this would be why i should answer even odd sounding emails cuz it might just be something that needs to be clarified to be ok again…it was a good lesson to learn today.


angelina was here today so she and renee helped to put the suite back to rights`(plus she helped with a ton of other work too)…just have to get the flooring done and it is good to go!!!!..thank you guys!!!!

lucky had a good day today.

the dogs are settling a bit and getting used to the moves.

ruby has been adopted…she goes home tomorrow…yay ruby!!!!

the surrender paper work is signed for bonita…i felt bad but i had to be clear..once the paperwork is signed, it is forever..bonita is now a saints dog….and by the way…she did pretty good today too. sweet dog!

bobby brown had his vet check…no blood in his urine today…no crystals, no bacteria, so whatever was bugging him is either gone or we had the wrong cat with a problem. we will watch everyone in there just in case there is any more signs of blood tinged urine cuz it might someone else…my bet would be lilith or barney as the most likely culprits. we may have to shut them in the pens to find out for sure.

i fixed a very odd mistake at the bank today..apparently they accidently printed someone cheques with our full account number on them…lucky i saw it the first $1000 cheque come thru and went right in and asked what was going on…they found the error and fixed it right away…whew!

that is it for the news…oh and i got to the grocery store today…i have cookies again..yayayayay!!!!

4 Comments on "i get the oddest emails sometimes…"

  • nicole says

    i just read her profile. i guess i should update it!! please feel free to email me something to replace it with.
    oh and i forgot to tell you that Fiona has cushings.

  • Carol says

    wow, fiona has cushings….i forgot to tell you that lil bud does have moderate control of his cushings now but it has been a long haul. is she being difficult too…it is such a strange disease, i can`t seem to ever really wrap my head around it and feel comfortable…i understand other diseases so much more easily.

  • Tammy says

    Happy to hear Ruby got a home. She is a great little cat, her new mom is very lucky.
    I’m going to miss her in the medical room, she kept things lively.

  • lynne says

    i remember carol the lady who adopted ruby. she used to come and walk lucky and dusty. she brushed them a lot too. i really liked her she was good with the dogs. glad she took home ruby. thanks carol.

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