if someone is here today who knows how…

Posted: October 23, 2010 at 8:38 am

to fix my computer….can they find the top purple bar that used to be at the top of the page with my favorites listed across….it is gone?????

and i am not blogging this morning cuz holy catfish…the dogs and i just woke up.

see….. laziness is becoming a habit around here…altho we did have a tough night.

there was a very bad raccoon goofing around in the front yard…. driving the dogs (and me) totally nuts….brave little bugger.

3 Comments on "if someone is here today who knows how…"

  • Ann says

    go to the ‘view’ button on your browser and check the drop down menu – under ‘toolbars’ one option is the ‘bookmarks toolbar’ – make sure it’s checked…that should (hopefully!) fix it πŸ™‚

  • Maggie says

    There is an article in todays Vancouver Sun
    about the #2 ranked in the Pepsi Challenge. They are asking people to vote for them (a good cause about providing secure storage for the homeless). The concern is we want to remain #1 or #2 in order to qualify so try and get all your friends and family to vote every day.

  • Helga says

    I would have called Blackie Capt’n Black Sparrow.He has a swashbuckler tough guy been-through-the-wars (frayed ears) look to him. Not quite sure yet of this new place but a very nice cat.

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