tiko has been euthanized

Posted: November 3, 2010 at 5:30 pm

the vet called at 4pm and he just was not responding in the least to any of the treatments. she said we could try to transport him to langley emerg for critical care but did not think he would survive the journey. i went down to see him..he was wanting release…he couldn’t even lift his head, he just meowed pathetically.

i love you tiko, you were a wonderful cat. i will miss you flip flopping in my arms and cornering any visitors to get even more flip flop chances. i never thought we would lose you so unexpectedly soon.

rest in peace sweetheart, you will be greatly missed.



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  • erin says

    aww shit, just when i thought we’d be home free for awhile. so unexpected to lose any of the regulars.

  • poppy says

    So sorry Carol.

  • Renee says

    Tiko was an amazing cat, he touched every visitor who came through and every staff member and volunteer. The cat rooms will seem empty without you, but dont worry we will take care of Tasha for you. Love you sweetie.

  • Jenn says

    I remember Tiko and Tasha when they were kittens they had a rough start to life and a second chance. I was suprised when they had to come back to SAINTS and a little heart broken for them at first but they were happy loving cats who made themselves right at home and trusted and loved every person they met. During tours and open houses they would latch onto new unexpecting guests and their meows would frighten people at first–more like a growl. I keep saying “they” because that they have always been together and a “they.” I will miss Tiko who was always a big giant ball of love and I hope Tasha will be ok with her brother.

  • Helene B says

    I’m so sorry 🙁 He’s in Heaven now , playing, cuddling with the angels and resting in Jesus ‘s Arms… you will be in my prayers tonight because i know it’s not easy to lost a loved one. hug

  • Mo says

    RIP Tiko … losing them so quickly is so hard… it is the added shock I think.. i was not expecting this…

  • nicolemc says

    that room won’t be the same without him crying/yelling to be picked up.

  • Carol Ann says

    I’m so sorry that Tiko had to go and poor Tasha will miss him too. It is always so sad when an animal dies. I remember the first time he hung on to me it was scary at firt then i realized he just wanted to be held and loved. Sweet cat. and carol I’m glad you are taking that poor little soul from la looks so bad right now but you will fix him up in no time.

  • Brenda McCormick says

    I’m so sorry! Tiko was an amazingly loving cat. I couldn’t believe the way he would hold up both paws to be picked up, and then when you did pick him up, he held on forever. I don’t know a lot of the cat’s names in the back room,as I’m usually busy with the dogs and cats in the front of the house, but Tiko was one I will not forget.

  • Marisa says

    He sounds simply lovely. RIP Tiko.

  • Cheryl says

    I’m so sorry for your loss. How very sad for you.
    He will get LOTS of hugs in Heaven.

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