up and down and all around

Posted: November 6, 2010 at 7:48 pm

pixie is not feeling great today…she hasn’t eaten today and she vomited late this afternoon. hmmmm…not sure what is up with her. but she is so tiny and frail…not eating is a huge concern. if she doesn’t eat tonight or tomorrow i will get her into the vet right away.

chica was not well earlier in the week. i am pretty sure she started with the pancreatitis thing which occasionally flares up on her. we started her back on some GI meds a couple of days ago. she is now better today..more like her usual self. she is eating again and was out in the fields today barking and running around.

there were a few visitors today who went thru on the tour. laura does a great job on these…takes her time to let folks have some warm and fuzzy moments with the animals.

conan the barbarian is such a barbarian…no lie…he just peed in the bed right under my feet where pixie is all curled up and asleep. so then i had to disturb her to change the bedding cuz no dog should have to sleep in cat pee! get some class conan, peeing in occupied beds is totally rude!

Yeah, totally rude dude!

Sorry I can’t hear you, I don’t speak Pixie

ahh we have been how many months now without washer and dryer issues? well the house dryer stopped working today. it is the little clasp thing inside the door, it is broken from being opened and shut and hundred times a day. i got it working again by shoving the full basket of dirty laundry up against the door to keep it closed so the stuff inside would tumble and dry. why can’t they make these machines more sturdy..they should test all of their designs in an animal shelter…if the machines last more than a year then they are ok to sell on the market to the innocent public who probably do not over use their machines quite like us.

two of the visitors today were volunteers from the chilliwack spca…they sent a picture of bambi when she first arrived before they groomed her so i will try posting it for you to see.

oh…and tonight there are 3 new cats in my in box…..a 16 and a half year old whose owner has gone into care, a young peeing cat adopted recently from a “no kill shelter” and the family was told if they try to return her, she will be euthanized because no one  wants peeing cats…sooo, explain this to me……how is that no kill? and the third one is a 10 yr old peeing cat who started peeing a couple of years ago with the arrival of the new baby.

does anyone know anyone who might be able to take on any of these cats? i don’t want to…i have no problem with the ages and peeing…i just have an issue with bringing in any more actual breathing bodies..i really want to take a break from bringing in any more new animals for a little while…at least til all of the current new intakes are in and settled so we can see how everyone adjusts.

ok…off to do diabetic poking and settling the mp building guys to bed.

here is bambi then…

maybe jenn will post a picture of bambi today in her snazzy new jacket…while i was out visiting annabelle…. jenn was here dressing up dogs! ( and i know she took pictures of them too in their cute little sweaters and coats….so lets see the fashion show jenn!)

(Below added by Jenn)

Well Bambi IS my poster dog for the Pepsi Challenge round 2 … check her out all bald ….


Anyways so yeah I was at in the house taking pictures and Paluchie shivered and asked me for a sweater … he got a hair cut recently and was cold today. So I picked out a red stripy sweater for him and he was so happy with it he rolled around for a bit and then went right to sleep.



SO then I decided since I HAD the sweaters out anyways that I would dress a few other hairless dogs …

 new guys Hooties and Sidney
Pheobe likes pink

Little Pixie looks good in black

and bambi got a sheep skin … ick I hope its not REAL sheep skin

AND that was that as there was a serious lack of options available otherwise I would have dressed up more. Where have all of the dress up clothes … I mean dog sweaters gone???

8 Comments on "up and down and all around"

  • Carol Ann says

    I HOPE PIXIE IS OK I TRIED TO FEED HER TODAY TOO She is so tiny and frail I just love her. so sweet. and what a difference in poor little Bambi. I’m really starting not to like people much. How can they be so insensitive to an animals feelings ugh The kids won’t let me have the lab. I hope she survives. I’m feeling ill about it again. Don’t know what to do.

  • Carol says

    update on pixie pop…she ate a very nice small bowl of mushed and warmed up gastro tonight…good girl!

  • Tammy says

    The sweaters are in the entrance way on the shelves.
    There are also a couple more containers full of sweaters in the shop.

  • erin says

    bambi is your poster girl? oh jenn of all the dogs to pick….also, theres sweaters above the dryer in perdys room. and carol ann your just starting to not like people?

  • Carol Ann says

    Erin I was trying to be nice we both know the truth.

  • erin says

    hahaha yep. i recall a bumper sticker that said the more people i meet the more i like my dog!

  • Jenn says

    OK erin but wasn’t she more ugs when she was matted … ???

  • Carol Ann says

    I had that bumper sticker on one of my vehicles and if I find another one I will put it on this vehicle.

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