stupid hurts

Posted: January 3, 2011 at 11:48 am


bad night…disrupted sleep. finally dragged my ass out of bed at 0730. packed up daphne’s play date with jenn things, found 4 collars and leashes and de-frosted and loaded 4 dogs into the van …wilma, tina-fey, mandy and daphne..all by 0745 (with a bunch of human frustration)..three to the vets and daffy on to jenn’s for the day. each time i went to get a new or two of the ones already in the van would sneak up into the drivers seat and i would have to pull them out and put them into the back again.

half way down the hill..i remembered that i forgot wilma’s insulin..they would need it for her glucose curve. turned around and drove back home…grabbed the insulin and started off again.
3/4’s of the way to maple ridge, 2 thoughts struck had no ID, no cash cards..nothing…it was all in the car (shit…no mcdonald’s for you guys this morning!)…and…hmmm….second thought here…maybe the vet appointment wasn’t this monday…maybe it was next monday.
hmmm was 0811..the clinic was not open yet so i couldn’t call and check… and the appointments were for 0830 so i better keep going anyhow.

so we got there and yes the appointment was for next monday…sadly not for today and that totally sucked big time if you ask me.

there is no getting around it…stupid sometimes really hurts me.

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  • Ann C says

    I feel so bad for you that totally sucks….not a good way to start the day or the week, I hope the rest of the day went better!

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