he is here…

Posted: January 19, 2011 at 8:06 pm

“shane”…it means…god is gracious….seems a good name that he can hold his head high with….we do not know where he has come from or where he has been but he comes here a good dog… so…. shane it is…welcome shane.

(sigh…he has pissed on the same cupboard door 4 times now….hopefully he will stop that when he settles…but…in any case…..he is a very nice dog….and hint, hint…he needs a really good brushing!)


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  • nicolemc says

    cam, i can’t get on brindleweb, hopefully you have read this to see that he has arrived safe and sound.
    As soon as I got him out the kennel, he wanted to get the zoomies, but we were still in the airport. So i embraced his dorkiness and we ran through the airport with him bouncing around like a nut.

  • Deb says

    What a beautiful face!!

  • Rae says

    I am so happy Shane has landed safely. He is beautiful, and it sounds like he has marked that cupboard as his 🙂

  • Cam says

    Nicole, thank you for embracing his dorkiness…and just, yeah, thanks… I like the name Shane, good choice. Considering his breed mix and being from up here in the sticks, Shane was most likely chained his whole life. He will need potty 101 and Life’s Good 101 as well!

    Thanks again Carol for accepting him into your care. Sorry about the cupboard 😉

  • Diana says

    Lovely boy.
    I can try to give him some brushing when I am there on Saturday if still needed. I get lots of practice on northern breeds with my malamutes.

  • Mo says

    He looks adorable… I remember when his pic was first posted on Brindle.. he reminded me of Moses…. Moses & Cole were my first loves at SAINTS.. Shane looks like a cross between Maude & Moses.

    I hope he becomes a barn buddy !!

  • Angela says

    I am so glad that you took our “Senior”. Dorkiness suits him, as he gets these little bouts of energy all the time and starts bouncing around. He would play with my dog, but he’d fall down constantly! Bless your hearts for taking him. As far as his incontinence, he was very clean here,so I am sure he will be fine there in a few days. Thanks again!

  • Carol says

    he is already getting better angela…no accidents today…yay! his play partner here is bambi2..she really likes him…i told him to be careful cuz she is kind of weird tho.

  • Nicole N says

    OH MY!!! He is so beautiful! I can’t wait to meet him on Sunday!

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