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Posted: January 30, 2011 at 5:44 am

last night was a write off…2 hours of dinking around and looking for frodo in the early part of the evening burnt me out for the rest….or maybe getting up at 5 am did that instead….so i made sure i was sound asleep and in bed by 11 pm. it was a decent sleep…only up a couple of times but old is creeping up on me…5 am alarms really suck big time.

angel was better last night…she went hypoglycemic yesterday morning but luckily lynne saw what she was up to and she and erin were able to immediately intervene before she went too far. the 2 most difficult medical conditions to manage in traditional shelters are diabetes and seizure conditions…for both of these, they really need almost 24 hour monitering.

hypoglycemic animals can slip into comas within hours and die…and seizuring animals can escalate into continuous seizure activity that can and does destroy brain cells with each seizure and creates more seizure pathways so it becomes a continuous, non stoppable thing.

i have to say…it gives me great comfort that saints animals are never alone here for more than a couple of hours.

i have not heard back from the ferrier yet….he is hard to get a hold of…so maybe i won’t…and i am nervous about popeye’s xrays today…i wish i could be here but mo is just as good.

and i have to tell you the secret to saints success is simply this….a small army of truly dedicated people who each have a stake in this place to make sure all is well here and keep our animals happy, well and safe.

it is just a true gift to have all of us on exactly the very same page….no politics…no bullshit…no jockeying for position…no personal agendas…just a flat out, across the board equality with everyone doing their very best for the animals here.

i tell you…these homeless animals are truly blessed.

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  • Diana says

    Carol, I totally agree with your last statement. Although I have only been going out there that last month or two and only one day a week, I feel so close to those guys out there. Your keeping us up to date on your blog adds to that and makes it so personal. I know my nieces feel the same way.

    Sorry about your worrying for Frodo. He was in the shop with us all morning yesterday. I guess the rain was too much for him and he liked some company inside.

  • Sherie says

    Hey Carol,
    I have the number for another great local ferrier if you can’t get a hold of Steve Dixon. Her name is Michelle Hague and she is also very skilled. I am off work this week but if you need the number I can leave it at work for you.
    Cheers Sherie from EastRidge

  • Carol says

    thx sherie that would be GREAT! i just want a couple of experienced opinions on this…our ferrier is wonderful and i am sure she can do it no problem..but i wanted a couple of different perspectives and different suggestions from the farriers and the vets before we decide on a final course….i think for this a few good heads put together could come up with a few good options of care.

  • Sherie says

    Hi Carol
    I will phone the number into work tomorrow 🙂

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