don't need no more gawd darn bed buddies!

Posted: April 1, 2011 at 8:31 am

but try telling minnie that…she is one of those partially deaf dogs…can’t hear “no” for the life of her but has no trouble at all hearing “yes.”

once she made it out of the kitchen and into my bedroom (amazing what a little bit of persistent screaming will get…)…she decided since the bed looked sort of full…she would lay on the bed steps. not a great idea…those steps are the highest traffic zone in the house. anyway she did get tired of having to move every 3 minutes so she finally pushed thru and made a spot for herself up on the bed. everyone slept better then..esp. me…i too was getting pretty tired of the rukus surrounding the traffic jammed stairs.

the bed buddies do not like road blocks to and from anywhere.

sigh..i just got up..but geez, i would still like a nap! methinks it will be another long day.

oh and if anyone is trying to call me..i forgot to plug in my phone last night. it will be charged in a couple of hours so i am not available until then!

6 Comments on "don't need no more gawd darn bed buddies!"

  • renee says

    Carol I’m running a bit behind today but ill be there soon. Ryan texted me that he will be there by 9:30.

  • Sherie says

    Carol, Just an update on Marvin. He ate a whole tin of recovery through out the day. And by the end of the day he was purring when I would check on him and encourage him to eat. Very shy but sweet. Was even kneading his bed a little. Sherie

  • Tammy says

    Great to hear Marvin is coming along well.
    He is a nice cat that will be quite content once he settles into his new home at SAINTS.

  • Jenn says

    ok Tammy that was the one I was thinking MARVIN with the mouth surgery

  • Sherie says

    Marvin formerly Mushmellow 🙂

  • Carol says

    thx sherie!..dave said it was a brutal 4 hour surgery…that poor cat…man am i ever glad he is staying with you guys til tomorrow night!

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