greasy cats and ditzy ducks…and a new pearl.

Posted: April 10, 2011 at 7:49 pm

i asked zoe today…”hey zoe?… how brave and stupid are you?”

zoe laughed and said…”i am pretty brave and sometimes pretty stupid…what do you need done?”

hah!..i wanted someone (besides me!) to bath james bond. now i have been pissing him off for almost a week, slowly working thru his greasy, dandriffy, matted fur with a cat de-matting comb (these things are awesome!)…bond is over 20 and does not groom anymore.

anyway, today was the day..he was finally ready for his bath and i had found myself the perfect cheerfully cooperative victim to bath the cranky cat! i did help (a little) but i put the unpredictable james bond in zoe’s youthful hands. and he was actually pretty good too..i think cuz she hadn’t been pissing him off a lot lately, he gave her a bit of a break!

i can’t say he is exactly sparkling clean..his coat still feels greasy…but maybe i can convince her to try it again next week and with a second bath, maybe this time with head and shoulders shampoo…he might get half way decent again…or maybe not…he is pretty old.

James Bond after his bath.

tiny tim duck should have been named tiny dim duck. and here is the problem…take a normal sized duck with a normal duck brain and then mess around and breed them tiny…duck gets smaller and so does the poor duck’s brain. and before you know it, man has created the litttle dim duck…he is cute, but not very bright…oops oh well…he is cute and thats all that counts.

i am just being nasty to our little dim-witted boy…but i don’t know how many times i almost sliiped in the mud trying to get that little bugger to go to bed for the night. all he does all day…all he wants to do at stay next to floyds freaking wire so he can be close to another white duck…even a giant white psycho duck who would probably kill him.

it is no wonder a rottweiler had him, that tiny dim-duck hasn’t a gram of common sense.

Tiny Tim and Floyd

oh and brenda perfectly finished off the new minnie’s name..she is no longer new minnie or big minnie to differentiate her from mini-me…

minnie now has her very own full name and it is minne-pearl (and she looks just like her too!)

Minnie Pearl … I should photoshop a bonnet on her

3 Comments on "greasy cats and ditzy ducks…and a new pearl."

  • suzanne says

    get yourself a terrycloth bath mitt… put a bit of corn starch in it and “stroke” it into james bond’s fur. continue stroking for a minute or two while it sucks up the grease and then comb it out… perhaps with a flea comb… it will at least de-grease him… so will bathing him in Dawn.

  • Jenn says

    haha tiny dim tim love it.

  • Carol Ann says

    Minnie Pearl –love it

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