the swamp puppy ate 2 remote controls in 2 days

Posted: April 20, 2011 at 8:36 am

and i am thinking she had her teeth on the third one cuz even tho i don’t see any won’t turn off the tv.

so today is all about the final push to pull all of the paperwork and reciepts together and get them into the accountants for year end…i am so far behind on all of this. tomorrow is about tidying/organizing the shop again and putting away all of the barn feed.

friday is about paying the outstanding bills and maybe shifting my room around to clean under things cuz last night i noticed an old sticky puddle way under the bed with a bunch of toys stuck in the middle of it.

saturday is the day that i take my maudie into the vets…but i don’t want to think about that yet.

i watched “the kings speech” last night…amazing what really an ordinary good man born into extraordinary circumstances can become when life demands it of him.

4 Comments on "the swamp puppy ate 2 remote controls in 2 days"

  • renee says

    Hey carol, my headache is still here so I’m taking a sick day and going to the doctors 🙁

  • Bunny Horne says

    Did Brent let you know he got the trickle charger for the tractor. We will bring it on Friday and he’ll get it all charged up for you.

  • Ashley says

    Carol I will bring Belle out Friday and Sunday this weekend…. Maybe that will wear the “swamp puppy” out a bit! I know Belle was exhausted after Sunday!

  • suzanne says

    what you wrote last night made sense and was comforting. sometimes when i read some of these things from afar (chattanooga :)) blood shoots out of my eyes

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