how did the saints sitting go tonight you guys?

Posted: April 27, 2011 at 12:41 am

was everyone good?…did you enjoy the evening change of pace around here????

and thank you so much!!!! and i both enjoyed cavalia a great deal…it was a very nice evening out!
and whoever lost a silver earring..i have one here for you!

3 Comments on "how did the saints sitting go tonight you guys?"

  • laura says

    It was a great night! I think the Saints were thinking hey is it the weekend. Everyone got lots of TLC. Ann pushed thru the laundry, Diana and her daughter even went out and gave the cows love, Helga got to meet the crew but I think may prefer the quiet of the I turned the bed buddies into Canuck fans..they had me late into the evening due to overtime…and now with my hockey superstition if Canucks go to another game 7 I will have to come up and watch it with my lucky Saints crew! So glad you enjoyed your evening out Carol.

  • Helga says

    I really enjoyed getting to meet all the critters in the house but the noise level was a bit overwhelming at times. Foam ear plugs will be in my pockets next time.

  • Ann C says

    Glad you enjoyed your night Carol, the earring is mine so glad you found it, I had no idea where I lost it.

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