these tiny little frail old lady dogs are driving me insane.

Posted: May 16, 2011 at 7:35 pm

i started trying to feed cherry when i got home just before 3pm…. between then and now i have tried AD, recovery, little ceasars, beneful, merricks cat fishy food, baby cat canned kitten food, baby human food..warmed up, schmushed up, not schmushed up, not warmed up…yikes! she just checks out each offerring and stands over it, looking at me..apparently it is not quite good enough for the miniscule her majesty.
finally in desperation, i made her half a piece of toast and butter and she is wolfing that down just fine…pixie got the other half but she actually ate some dinner first.

sigh… tomorrow i will whip down to the grocery store and pick up some eggs..maybe for breakfast in the morning she would like warm buttered toast and cheese scrambled eggs.

oh…and sage is out exploring the cat and rabbit rooms tonight. funny, she was the shyest of the two but maestro is staying put in his pen.
and dear marvin actually ate his dinner without me having to sit with him.

phoebe is in an absolutely ugly mood so she is spending the evening locked in the zen den til she cheers up. she is probably pissed cuz i didn’t make her any toast tonight.

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  • Jenn says

    seems like they all like toast haha

  • Brenda says

    I’m so glad “Cherry Pit” enjoyed some toast. She’s so small and frail – and cute! (I actually love toast and peanut butter myself.) It’s such a worry making sure these little ones get enough sustenance, and Carol, you’re so dilligent about making sure they do. I hope she likes her eggs and toast tomorrow. Hopefully you get some breakfast too.

  • Bridget says

    i haven’t met many dogs, compared to you or the SAINTs volunteers…. but all i’ve met have loved toast. (especially toast made JUST for them). we’ve done this with old waffles, which they loved and we didn’t want to eat or throw out.

    some dog stew would sort her out. it always worked for our aged beasts. some cheap hamburger, perhaps, with some vegetable, oats, old pasta noodles, or lentils soaked in? (i know, it sounds crazy, but it always worked! cheaper than dog food, too. it was for us, anyway, since we always incorporated acceptable leftovers knocking about in the fridge).

  • Bridget says

    (and if she won’t eat it, there will be someone who will.)

  • nicolemc says

    bridget’s waffle comment made me remember that before Honey passed I was feeding her waffles with cat food smeared on them. mmmm, delicious. she was such a silly dog.

  • Bridget says

    who doesn’t love a nice waffle? yum!

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