Take Me Home Tuesday: So Excited Tina

Posted: June 7, 2011 at 6:31 am

Tina is a 14 year old mini poodle. She is house trained and good with both cats and dogs. She was in the same home her whole life but they eventually were unable to care for her and she came to SAINTS rescue. She is a sweet and very loving dog who needs a home where people will be around a lot and she can sleep in their bed and spend lots of time in their loving arms.




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8 Comments on "Take Me Home Tuesday: So Excited Tina"

  • Patti says

    I wish I was home more. I have had 3 senior poodles… and there is nothing better than an old dog. The just need to be fed loved and walked… most of the training is done. This little one could have 3 or 4 good years left. I had a Toy poodle live to be 17 and she was energetic and happy up until the last 3 days of her life. I wish more people would consider a senior dog.

  • Carly says

    I wish I could take her! We can only have 1 dog where we live.

  • Carol says

    whats with the sneaky giant godzilla pinnochio nose shots??? you did that on purpose didn’t you???

  • Jenn says

    I knew you would notice that! Maybe for our pub night next year we can raise enough and then you have to get a nose job so that you can shut up about your nose haha.

  • Caylee says

    Haha, Carol I didn’t even notice your nose but now I’m going to rewatch it just to look for it. 😛

  • Carol says

    won’t be hard to find, sheesh…

  • Amy says

    What a ball of energy! Such a sweet heart 🙂

  • lynne says

    ya i didnt notice it till you said something. now everyone is going to be going back and checking it out. lol. and you are wrong it is a fine nose, you need that nose to find out where all the hidden dog crap is and to smell out where all the trouble is going on sorry could not resist. lol

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