probably one of the best saints dogs ever….

Posted: June 15, 2011 at 7:03 am


she is big, she is black, she is beautiful too.

she is NOT deaf or blind or incontinent or growing any nasty tumors.

her heart and her lungs and her kidneys are good….she isn’t arthritic or stupid or haggy…she is simply a very, very, very good girl.

missy is one of our foster dogs..and she has been and still is available for adoption. she is currently staying at saints while her foster family are travelling.

missy is 12 yrs old..probably a lab/shep mix..and she is what i call one of those rock solid, bomb-proof, all 4 feet solidily planted, all around, totally great and completely dedicated companions.

the only thing she is missing in this perfect mix of a dog…is her very own special person where she will calmly, safely and contentedly…… stay by their side for the rest of her life. she is a truly very great dog.
in my not so humble opinion, missy is one of the best dogs i have ever met….and i have met A LOT of dogs.

i want to find missy an equally truly great home…….it will be a perfect match.

3 Comments on "probably one of the best saints dogs ever…."

  • Missy sounds like an absolute perfect match for our pack. unfortunately our mom says 5 is our pack limit. We are not allowed to add her. I wish you every success that your FURever Family finds you soon Missy. Hang in there. Dreams really DO come true!

  • Dawn says

    In response to that comment: Laura/Carol, Shulamit will be there hopefully this Sunday to meet Missy. If not this weekend then at the open house the following weekend!

    Everyone cross your toes and fingers they like each other!


  • lynne says

    i saw her yesterday she is very very nice hope she lucks out and gets a good home.

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