oh god…

Posted: June 24, 2011 at 7:52 pm

i just got a call from the vets…carol anne rushed sweetie (foster sweetie, not meanie sweetie) in tonight as an emergency due to a sudden collapse. we have suspected for quite a while that she had cancer in her abdomen..colleen is running a PCV but she is pretty sure sweetie is bleeding out inside…i am so sorry carol anne and dionne..all of our positive thoughts are with you.
i know both you and colleen will decide what is best for her…big hugs.

i will update here when we know more.

sweetie has been euthanized..i am so sorry for your loss dionne and carol anne…but thank you so much for giving her a truly great and loving home near the end of her difficult life…her life with you is what she will cherish and remember.


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  • lynne says

    what is happening. shit hope sweetie is okay but does not look good. lots of love to you carol anne and dionne. thank goodness you have given her a great home. my thoughts are with you .

  • Ann C says

    Ditto Lynne… what is happening, thinking of you Carol Anne, hugs & love to you all.

  • Mauro Salles says

    I know we should not complain, but it is too difficult for me, living far away. I can not imagine how is for you…

  • Ann C says

    So sorry for your loss CarolAnne & Dionne this has been a really bad day. Sweet dreams Sweetie.

  • Jenn says

    thinking of you Carol Anne and Dionne. Sweetie found her forever home with you and she really came into her own with your love … she felt valued, happy, loved, and from the stories you shared with me, powerful. There is nothing more you could have given her, it was her time and she left feeling like she ended her life well with you. Thank you and hugs***

  • laura says

    Shit again! Big hugs to you Carol Anne and Dionne. That picture of Sweetie in her purple coat makes me smile…she was such a lady…thank you for giving her the love and home she so deserved.

  • lynne says

    so so sorry for the loss of sweetie but she was a huge winner when you took her home to be a part of your family. hugs and kisses and a great big thankyou for loving her.

  • Brenda says

    I’m so very sorry Carol Ann and Dionne -Sweetie was very lucky to have you in her life! The sadness never ends this week, it seems!

  • Carol Ann says

    Thank you all. I am heartbroken. She has been a perfect little lady since the day I got her in December 2010. This was so sudden just earlier today I was chasing her outside to bring her in cause it started raining–she loved that game of playing hard to get. She was happy and seemed well and then just collapsed around 7 and was gone at 8. The only good thing is she didn’t suffer very much–mostly just fear cause she couldn’t get up. I held her and kissed her beautiful little face as she passed on. It was a privledge to have her and to love her and care for her in her last months of life. But we will really miss her. Be happy and run in heaven my little doll.

  • Mo says

    Such a sad sad day, they travel the path to the bridge together. Carol Ann, Dionne (((hugs))) sweetie was so happy with you guys what a truly wonderful home she had to finish her time here.

  • Diana says

    So sorry for losing these 3 sweet girls.

  • Cam says

    so sorry to hear of the loss of 3 sweet souls today, may they rest in peace

  • Helga says

    So sorry, Carol Ann and Dionne. Thankful for Sweetie that it was so sudden but for you its heart breaking. No time to come to acceptance. Take care of yourselves.

  • erin says

    carol ann im so sorry.

  • Carol Ann says

    God I miss that little dog

  • Amy says

    Carol Ann and Dionne I am so sorry for your very great loss..

  • Carol Ann and Dionne, may the sun shine on you again. She was so loved. Yvette

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